Custom Dipped Guns by TommyGuns
New Ruger LCP W/Lasermax Laser in Custom MuddyGirl Camo $480.00
New Ruger LCP W/Lasermax Laser in Custom Chamelion mossy oak green camo $480.00
New Kel-Tec P3AT 380acp. in Custom Mossy Oak Break up Camo $400.00
Hi=Point 9mm. in Custom maroon skulls with matching Kershaw Knife $340.00
We can Custom dip any gun you want with over 170 different patterns just click the pattern link to pick your pattern!
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Walther Uzi 22lr. Custom dipped in $100 bills!!! $550.00
We now how glow in the dark patterns !!
Custom dipped IWI Tavor in Inferno Skulls!!
Jimenez JA380 Custom Chameleon Green Camo
IWI Tavor in Zombies!
Smith&Wesson M&P Shield American Flags
AR-15 Desert Digital Tiger Strip
Links to pick your patterns!
My Ozark Patterns
TWN Patterns
Disclaimer: There is no such thing as a perfect dip! We strive to do the best job we can and do not guarantee any dip. Timing in the warmer months can take up to 2 months to complete a project. Up to one month in the the colder months due to how busy we are. Specialty patterns are $20 more and there is a $30 dissasembly fee for every firearm not dissasembled. You can dissaseble your own project and bring it in. That will save you the dissasembly fee. Dipping is now a very popular thing to do to customize your firearm, There is many other companies doing it. Beware of quality. The cheaper you find it more than likely the lower the quality! A lot goes into a dip. Most people dont realize 1 firearm can take up to 20 hours to do successfully. If you wonder why the cost is not just mere dollars keep that in mind! What would you want to work for on a hourly rate? Ask yourself before you question the cost of a dip!